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To postpartum female, drink dispute of soup of hoof of a few pigs appropriately to often have profit, it conduces to promote galactic exudation, toShanghai night net

A falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city
Feed the child is right choice, its nutrient value ratio is higher, besides the effect that has stimulative lactescence, to postpartum restore the effect very good also, stewing pig hoofShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Soup when, can add soya bean with pig hoof, also can join right amount earthnut, it is very pretty good.

How to stew the grandma below pig hoof soup

How to stew the grandma below pig hoof soup

Raw material: Pig hoof, soya bean.

Condiment: Salt is right amount, yellow rice or millet wine, ginger, chopped green onion.


1, soya bean immerses 1 hour ahead of schedule, reserve, ginger washs clean section, green Chinese onion is cut paragraph.

2, after pig hoof is ironed with boiling water, unplug clean wool, cut chunk, Sh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

Shanghai Long Feng forum
Join boil of clear water, Jiang Pian, cast aside go hematic foam.

3, enter yellow rice or millet wine, put soya bean, build, boil with slow fire stew. To half crisp when, add refined salt, boil 1 hour again.

How to stew the grandma below pig hoof soup

4, when giving boiler, scatter on chopped green onion can.

How hoof of pig of choose and buy:

1, ensure origin: Must choose to sell fleshy shop or small vendor’s stand normally, can assure the dependability of pig hoof fountainhead so, mother are having to be at ease.

2, the color of hoof seeing a pig: Should buy as far as possible be close to porky color, too white, nigrescent cannot buy.

3, the flavour of hoof famous a pig: New pig base has fleshy taste, can say dot of fishy smell be mingled with is sweet1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Flavour. Stimulating flavour cannot buy the pig of; stinkA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

A pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city
Hoof also cannot be bought.

4, choose the pig hoof that has anything resembling a tendon or vein: The pig foot that has anything resembling a tendon or vein contains many collagen protein, nutrition is some richer, hairdressing is raised colour the effect is better, more benefit restores at the cut of Caesarean birth mom.

What does the method that suckles below have

1, the breast of both sides wants to feed. If be fed only at the same time, the stimulation that the breast suffers decreases, natural secrete breeds little also

2, great suck. The power that darling sucks is greater, as it happens but the mouth of darling of have the aid of will massage breast dizzy. Feed morer, milk is secreted morer.

How to stew the grandma below pig hoof soup

3, suck empty breast. Darling should let sufficient suck empty breast after lactation every time, this is helpful for galactic arise again.

4, carry good intention condition. Whether does mother milk reach mood feeling with the psychological element of new Mom amply the relationship is very close, keep gentle so, happy.

5, compensatory moisture. Want to notice compensatory moisture when nurse, or it is to drink soup of vegetable of tea of pink of soya-bean milk, almond, fruit juice, raw ingredient to wait more.

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6, rest adequately. Morpheus inadequacy can make milk quantity decreases, everybody should notice to rest, if why the society nurses the Morpheus that does not affect his in evening.

7, massage stimulation. Dip in with clean towel some of warm boiled water, toward breast by tit center dizzy direction is become annular wipe, two side by turns hot compress 15 minutes.

8, avoid a tit to get hurt. The tit gets hurt, when defeat skin, chap or bleed and causing inflammation, can affect lactescence.

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