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Suckling Huang Bao is a kind of very delicious desert, New love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

Shanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city
Main material is milk and egg, still can increase fruit juice and candy wait other feed capable person, local color is distinctive, and the grandma is sweet full-bodied, cannot help doing sth letting a person. Suckling Huang Bao is the snacks that a lot of children like to eat, and nutrient value is higher also, also having certain effect to enhancing people constitution, it is desert of stock of a lot of families. So, suckle Huang Bao how decatizing?

Suckle Huang Bao how evaporate

Suckle Huang Bao to weigh the bag that suckle emperor again, have full-bodied grandma sweet taste with yoke, the name nods the local tradition that is province of a kind of Guangdong, belong to extensive pattern desert. Cantonese has the habit that drinks early tea, drink1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend
Early tea when on meeting site one basket. Have stuff of 3 kinds of stuffing commonly.

Method one

Stuffing makings: A. 20G of juice of coco of 50G of weak grandma of millet pink 25G; B. Yoke of teaspoon of 1/4 of salt of 40G of candy of 5G of person pink of Zhi of milk powder 15G 2; C. Bovine oil 15G

Leather makings: Flour 150G does bubble of 20G of yeast 2G candy to call powdery 1G milk 8Love Shanghai is the same as city forum

Love Shanghai is the same as a city
0 milliliter

The measure that make:

1, dry yeast 2G puts 50 milliliter Wen Shui (the meeting after 10 minutes has bleb to arise in the surface) .

2, put B stuff by order do not stick grandma boiler, a mixture is put after agitate a bit, boil with edge of agitate of edge of medium baking temperature, etc mixture is caky anger leaves after becoming solid body, join C agitate even, after cooling a bit, build put freezer cold storage, become stuffing material namely.

3, flour and bubble the candy that make noodles or vermicelli made from bean or sweet potato starch mixes even, add yeast water and milk, knead do not stick a hand glossily to dough.

4, put dough one times bigger than itself bulk inside the bowl, seal with insurance film, go up in insurance film with broach stamp a few holes. Put in warm place about 40 minutes, or wait for dough to ferment to whole bowl size, namely

Take out. Knead dough again to smooth, 8 are cut to wait for a portion with the knife later (the dough of the success that make, it is to those who go up won’t be stick in knife face) .

5, take out stuffing stuff from freezer, knead divide evenly, cut 8 to wait for a portion with the knife.

6, the dough rub that waits for every the portion is round, hold a circle, expect stuffing to the bag is entered, edge of 50% discount the Later Zhou Dynasty is held case, mix packet of dumpling is about the same.

7, after 10 minutes, cold water is added inside boiler, put steamed stuffed bun steam box, leave bigForum of Shanghai noble baby

Shanghai noble baby
Igneous evaporate 20-25 minute can.

According to each one taste, the composition that stuffing expects is OK increase and decrease or replace.

Suckle Huang Bao how evaporate

Method 2

Stuffing makings: Skin of butter, milk, egg, oily, white sugar, flour, face, flour, water, yeast

The measure that make

1, right amount Wen Shui and yeast, flour is put in face basin, mix dough, put at the same time when dough hair rises.

2, cut a small butter to be put in small bowl first, put the bowl in the tub that has hot water to melt slowly next.

3, in little stainless steel the egg is laid in the basin, enter a few milk next, put candy, oily, butter and agitate of a few flour even.

4, put the stuffing liquid of mix up to a pot for steaming food, chopstick agitate is used after boiler leaves 5 minutes one agitate, when boiler leaves 10 minutes again agitate, after boiler leaves 15 minutes when ripe.

5, each is kneaded after dough hair rises small dose child, with rolling pole roll thin, it is good that like wrapping steamed stuffed bun the bag rises, not be heal place is gadarene.

6, good the bag grandma Huang Baofang arrives in boiler, evaporate is ripe can.

Suckle Huang Bao how evaporate

Method 3


Advocate makings: Egg (white skin) , tall muscle flour

Complementary makings: Milk

Condiment: Butter, water, yeasty (dry) , white sugar, salt


1. A part: Egg and white sugar are put together mix even hind enter milk, continue agitate divide evenly, with bolt sift out.

2. Cent 1-2 second join flour, apace agitate, finallyA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

A pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city
Transfer into melting butter.

3. Put on evaporate drawer, conflagration evaporate.

4. Every other lifts cap agitate after 5 minutes.

5. Altogether evaporate is controlled 20 minutes.

6. Stuffing of can caky Cheng Ganshuang after cooling naturally expects, rub is become, equational into small dose child, suckle yellow stuffing to had been done.

Forum of Shanghai noble baby

Shanghai noble baby

7. B part: 35 degrees of right-and-left Wen Shui are entered in container, join dry yeasty and sufficient agitate, in putting the flour of white sugar, salt and 1/3 to blend in water, the rest flour is entered again after agitate divide evenly, agitate becomes catkin state, the place that is put in warmth ferments one times of original bulk.

8. Ferment after finishing, press with finger press dough eduction gas, knead smooth dough again. Divide into equal parts is become a certain number of small dose child.

9. The bag suckles yellow stuffing into a few, the tiger’s mouth-jaws of death that uses a hand gets stuffing stuff dough slowly in.

10. Come out more finally one small round dough, take can.

11. After suckling Huang Bao to had been wrapped, put on evaporate drawer quiet place 15 minutes.

12. After 15 minutes, open conflagration evaporate 10 minutes, the lid is lifted again after involving fire 2 minutes, the grandma yellow package of delicate nutrition has been done.

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