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To a few people that know knowledge of preserve one’s health, they are classics tipple a few sweet nutrition of body of Shang Lai complement and blood of tone solar term. And do sweet soup when advocate if join rock candy to boil,make, what because such doing,come out is sweet Shang Cai will be more sweet. Doing sweet in the process of soup, also can add red jujube of medlar of a few pear, because pear and medlar still have red jujube,be the 3 things that plant pretty good and OK adjustment to enrage blood. What is the effect of soup of rock candy of pear medlar red jujube so?

Effect of soup of rock candy of pear medlar red jujube

Red jujube can fill gas raises blood, rock candy is OK embellish lung, relieve a cough, qing Dynasty is hot, , medlar is OK and nourishing the deficiency of yin with irritability of liver kidney, xue Li is OK embellish lung is expectorant, promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid stop thirsty. Qiu Dong is seasonal, drink water of pear of rock candy snow, have very good embellish lung action

The effect of soup of snow pear tremella

Since You Xueli and tremella are main component soup of snow pear tremella, we besides the effect that knew Xue Li, we still must want to understand tremella to have what kind of effect. Tremella not only be health care article, and still have those who treat all sorts of diseases, heighten the effect such as force of human body immunity. Shanghai night net

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Effect of soup of rock candy of pear medlar red jujube

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Pear tremella soup relieves a cough embellish lung, the patient that has bronchitic, bronchitic dilate, tuberculosis is in the summer is easy get ill and produce cough, can takeNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Snow pear a thick soup has treatment. Take tremella 6 grams, Xue Li 1, rock candy 15 grams, after sending tremella bubble, stew to soup stiff, again nucleus of Jiang Xueli flay, add after section rejoin rock candy is thoroughlied cook to be become namely inside soup. The person that this just writtens guarantee to defecate dry also has better curative effect.

Tremella has stomach of bowel of strong choice, filling kidney, embellish, beneficial, fillLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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Gas, and blood, strong heart, strong the effect of body, filling head, life-giving, hairdressing, tender skin, prolong life1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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. Use at treating lung to heat up menstruation of dry cough of dry of cough, lung, woman to be not moved, the disease such as constipate of gastritis, defecate. It can increase hepatic and alexipharmic capacity, protect hepatic function, it not only the immune ability that can enhance airframe to fight tumor, still can enhance tumor patient to putting cure, change cure be able to bear or endure get power.

Effect of soup of rock candy of pear medlar red jujube

Can be tremella soup drunk every day

Tremella Shang Qingtian is goluptious, suit a lot of people to drink, and effect is very much also. So does tremella soup suit to be drunk every day?

Tremella is more precious officinal bacterium not only, and it is bacterium of a kind of edible, the effect of tremella is lung of filling kidney, embellish, promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid, relieve a cough. Tremella conduces to gastric bowel peristalsis, conduce action reducing weight, have the effect of fleck of purify face ministry, and be opposite lobar dry is long cough very helpful.

From the point of a variety of effect of above, tremella soup is drunk every day also is possible. But remind, those who note a quantity want to absorb if be being drunk everyday, drink very much word to be able to be just the opposite to what one wished likely everyday. The proposal drinks one cannikin everyday with respect to OK.

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