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The egg is our rate of exchange feeds capable person commonly, content of the protein in the egg and the element of a lot of kinds of nutrition that human body requires are rife, often eat an egg, healthy to the person disputeShanghai night net

A falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city
Often have profit, the word of the cut inflammation that if be traumatic,causes, still had better not eat an egg, if the word of edible egg, it is to be able to bring about the speed that cut cicatrizations to decelerate commonly, go against the health of cut, still need to do good Qing Dynasty to achieve processing at ordinary times.

Can cut agnail eat an egg

Cut can eat an egg

Having cut can eat an egg.

Because the activity of pathogenic bacteria exists inside cut1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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, what the bacteria arises is enzymatic the heal procedure with reach the meeting such as toxin to be disturbed greatly normal, can bring about cut fester even. The core of this element is a bacterium, not be the nourishment that the place that send thing provides, more with eating not to eat an egg did not concern, so cut should complement enough nutrition, contain a lot ofprotein and adipose ” hair content ” people instead is the object that the patient ought to absorb mainly.

Can cut agnail eat an egg

It take what cut is good to take what cut fast

1, vitamin A is quickened cut cicatrizations

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Vitamin A quickens cut heal. Lack the heal of cut of vitamin A meeting block up, dimension A shares a cell differentiation, epithelial into fiber cell hyperplasia and collagen albumen, having main effect, and vitamin A still has fight oxidation, but beautiful white skin, double effect is produced in the heal process of cut.

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Contain the food of vitamin A: Yoke of animal liver, chicken, carrot, tomato, milk.

2, filling zinc can be promoted cut cicatrizations

Authoritative attestation, operation around filling zinc is advantageous cut cicatrizations, because zinc is metabolic place,need a variety of enzymatic activation factor, participate in human body the synthesis of adipose, protein and ribonucleic acid and metabolization, the dissension that is helpful for cuticular cell grows, accelerate organization of granulation of cut new student to form, still can prevent infection at the same time.

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Zincic food basically has: Kidney of beef, pork liver, pig, the nut such as walnut, earthnut, and legume food is like soya bean, horsebean to wait.

Can cut agnail eat an egg

3, vitamin C reduces melanin to generate

Vitamin C is a kind of reducer, can reduce the formation of melanin, still have more apparent beautiful white effect, can the melanin that will made is reductive for colorless material.

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The food that contains vitamin C if: Strawberry, yangtao, big jujube, cauliflower, orange, lemon.

4, high grade eggLove Shanghai is the same as a city

Fall in love with the sea
A few amino acid of Bai Zhong have a positive effect to cut cicatrizations and fighting infection

Ammonia of essence of life is for instance acerbity, itShanghai night net

A falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city
To human body lymphocyte immunity reacts and the action of heal of the cut after the operation is very apparent. The mainest is, acid of ammonia of essence of life has exciting insulin to secrete, the action that stimulative musculature grows and enhances airframe immunity power.

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The food that contains a lot ofhigh grade and amino acid has flesh of sea product, lean lean, birds, grandma kind reach its goods, and chocolate, nut.

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