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The flesh of crucian carp fish is qualitative exquisite, nutrition is rich, suitForum of Shanghai night net

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Edible of a lot of person. The nutrient value that boiling water of the fish that make crucian carp boils in the life is relatively a few higher, but if want to must master if mouthfeel is better,boil control optimal time, small fire is boiled after decoct is usually good make 20-30 minute OK.

, soup of crucian carp fish stews how long appropriate

Does soup of crucian carp fish stew how long appropriate?

Will learn soup of fish of a few crucian carp how to be made first, how to make the soup with one delicate boiler. First good processing fish souse, the flavoring such as green ginger garlic, tie-in cooking wine is even be together with piscine agitate, such doing is to go raw meat or fish, another increases mouthfeel namely, assure the flavour of piscine soup.

Does soup of crucian carp fish stew how long appropriate?

Probably it is OK that souse is controlled 10 minutes, put after souse is good reserve aside.

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Put into right amount oil in preexistence boiler, ginger is put in to fry after burning heat sweet, put the fish into the decoct in boiler then. Do not want to flip through at will, the position that the two sides piscine fry in shallow oil presents yellow giving gold is OK. Forum of Shanghai noble baby

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Go in then right amount water, turn small fire is stewed slow.

Does soup of crucian carp fish stew how long appropriate?

The flavoring such as all sorts of salt is put in after water is boiled, also can choose to put in a few bean curd, such meetings are more delicious, nutrient value is not low also. If want to be drunk more1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Add delicious piscine boiling water, it is OK to need to put salt only so. It is OK to continue to be stewed with small fire 15 minutes then, do not boil too for a long time, such meetings affect mouthfeel. When boil, soup may become little, had wanted for some time to have to add a bit water, it is to do not let piscine soup do boiler so.

After been boil the piscine soup of delicate nutrition is made finished, the mouthfeel of soup of crucian carp fish that puts in medlar is very delicious, because soup of crucian carp fish is medium protein is very rich, suit the person edible of the low blood pressure such as pregnant woman. It is good to want to be able to be made in the home Shang Jishi of drunk crucian carp fish is not difficult, the way of above introduction is very simple.

2, the nutrition of soup of crucian carp fish effect

The flesh of crucian carp fish is qualitative very delicate, and its flesh smell is sweet, having very high nutrition value. Fish eating crucian carp can fill empty, lukewarm stomach, the beneficial in still can filling is angrySh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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, there is magical effect effect more in the respect that urge breast.

Crucian carp fish can be good at lienal benefit is wet, it is first-rate for the person that accordingly it is aimed at taste empty to lose and the person that have oedema symptom nutrient beautiful is tasted, no matter how crucian carp fish makes the nutrient part that cannot cover it, and delicate and dye-in-the-wood, suit to be used very much do soup-stock, no matter be soup of fish of what crucian carp, its Shang Weidou is very delicious, and OK and effective treatment is diabetic, Fall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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A variety of disease symptoms such as asthma and tracheitis.

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