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Do a lot of people say gallinaceous spirit takes much can you cause cancer? So the real situation is really suchShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

Forum of Shanghai night net
? Might as well will look.

1, those truths of gallinaceous essence

“Gallinaceous essence ” and ” chicken ” concern not quite

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The bag mount of gallinaceous essence often is drawing an old hen, have even “Fall in love with the sea

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With good fertilizer chicken is made ” , ” truly classy chicken is made ” the specification of and so on.

Very regretful: The desire is wrapping mount merely, it basically is not made by chicken in that way like the imagination.

The bases of gallinaceous essence is salt, malt dextrin and gourmet powder normally, among them the composition that the amount of gourmet powder can come from natural food truly more than normally, for instance chicken pink or gallinaceous bone dust, egg extracts content, other meat kind extraction content.

In the bases of gallinaceous essence, gourmet powder takes total part 40% the left and right sides, salt occupies 10% above.

The flavour of gallinaceous essence very bright, still basically be among them the action of gourmet powder.

Forum of Shanghai night net

Shanghai night net
A word sums up:

Gallinaceous essence does not have what relation with chicken, it is gourmet powder nevertheless + additive!

Since we know gallinaceous essence is not of gourmet powder too,upgrade edition just, can care gourmet powder after all to be able to eat more next so!

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