The Win10 of Microsoft upgrades compulsively to had caused numerous anger. A lot of netizens fall in system of Win 7, Win 8.1, for no reason at all upgrades automatically to Win 10. And upgrade the process cannot cancel, the animal protected an organization to complain a few days ago say, the jotter that an outside that this organization uses donates begins suddenly to upgrade automatically Windows 10, through radio frequency join downloaded the data of a few GB.

This group member expresses, this project uses a satellite to receive Internet, calculate cost by data flowmeter. Accordingly, the system downloaded the data of a few GB automatically to cause very big effect to them.

Now, the netizen has initiated petition in website, foundation of forward position of electron of voting request EFF() the Win 10 that investigates Microsoft upgrades automatically politic, ask to be compensated for certainly. Because, this had caused baleful effect to the user.

Foundation of electronic forward position is to add blame gain organization, citizen freedom right is upheld in digital world. They will be right group of policymaker, education, media and public to table a proposal.

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