The series of boreal Europe goddess that Shikeweier announced a few days ago makes newly ” boreal Europe goddess analyses: Genetic ” video of fight of game of first real opportunity has appeared.

At present this game can have been mixed from IOS An Zhuo undertakes downloading beforehand on two platform, and order order is already wide-open, can have game.

Collection of す of ら of ぷ of め of と of Youtube user ま left this paragraph of course, return the actual condition that can treat this next work in wait-and-see player so.

Of course before video is medium 15 minutes are to running gut, can see Lei Na again nevertheless this, the mood is very excited still, 5 minutes are battle process finally, can see, game was used with the horizontal edition bout with similar original work + behavioral warfare system, should meet quite easy begin, swim as the hand additionally, the picture also is perfectly, it is this game has Japanese edition only at present only.

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