As the promotion of VR technology, traditional game category also encountered not little challenge. If you feel a pure 3D climbs if game is very dull, so just think will climb low of Er climbing A through VR technology this pleasure. ” Pan Yan ” namely so made full use of game of VR technology dotted, watch this new video together.

Although be in early,was announced last year, but ” Pan Yan ” how much doesn’t game what is actually happening have however. In this game, the player should accuse two hands in the picture to climb through holding climb all sorts of high mountains, and be in paragraph of our target in video it is low of European fastigium A Er this. If match with VR equipment, player general can be in this to climb an experience to quite distinct climbing by CRYENGINE experience, and still can admire after climbing the peak quite the scenery of the shock.

At present this game can land Oculus Rift only, but it is not met as VR equipment put on sale of a the corresponding period, want an experience to climb the player that climbs a the Alps or patient ground to wait a moment.

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