Be born at Japan ” card pulls OK ” it is the recreational form that world people likes all the time, the player that taking microphone to sing only nevertheless outshines the rest on field, hard to avoid of the others person has some of disengaged desolate, insularity is brand-new innovation ” game card pulls OK ” be aimed at this problem horizontal stroke to be born for nothing, on June 1 open experiments today operation, the young associate that does not grab Mack also can play rhythm game to accompany! · ” game card pulls OK ” just as its name implies joins rhythm game to the tradition namely ” card pulls OK ” in, the young associate that does not have a law to sing can take tailor-made controller to play rhythm game, with the singer a collaboration is taken finally sing reputably. The players that · likes to sing express, if this ” game card pulls OK ” after promotion, believe young associate people the everybody when sing card to pull OK can be participated in sing and develop a strong point.

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