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Actually, appear when the leucocyte inside the body reductive circumstance, can not explain suffer from leukaemia, still be leucocyte reduces disease likely. This kind of disease belongs to blood disease, but cannot not treat. Average patient can choose to take the medicaments such as vitamin B4 nucleic acid, can help cellular proliferation, stimulate white blood cell thereby generate, of course, the patient also can undertake cellular factor is treated.

 Leucocyte decreases how to be treated

Remedial principle

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The active part of nucleic acid of 1. vitamin B4 is the essential part that leucocyte metabolizes, its growth to the cell, especially cellular hyperplasia has stimulative effect; Vitamin B6 participates in amino acid and adipose metabolization, of exciting leucocyte generate, reason can be used at treating leucocyte to reduce disease.

2. benefit blood is unripe can promote fineForum of Shanghai night net

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Afterbirth oxidation is reductive, be used earlier at the cure of elevatory leucocyte namely, use at precaution and the leucocyte that treat all sorts of reason be caused by to decrease, but the scholar thinks to apply benefit blood to give birth to remedial leucocyte to reduce an effect alone slow, elevatory leucocyte scope is little, lack positive curative effect.

 Leucocyte decreases how to be treated

Therapy of 3. cell gene has in companion affect repeatedly, hard below pilot circumstance, collect of the cell that use bead can be added to fall on the foundation that fights infection exciting factor (G-CSF) hypodermic, or grain / market of huge bite cell falls exciting factor (GM-CSF) hypodermicForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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Inject. The amount is reduced gradually after it is normal that above uses drug to leucocyte and bead cell to out of service, have elevatory leucocyte effect, but this medicine has brightLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

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Show limitation: ① price is high, fail to be in clinical go up to be used extensively; ② effect is not stable, and constant companion has the undesirable reaction such as calorific, allergy; Effect of ③ part patient not beautiful.

 Leucocyte decreases how to be treated

It is clinical that hematic convention is checked examine one of most commonly used methods in medicine, and be in clinical examination apply very extensive, basically include leucocyte count, Sh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Computation of computation of red blood cell, haemoglobin content, plaque, hematic convention examination is checked in the sieve of the disease, diagnose and treat the clinical port with in evaluating, all be had principal, the convention that already became major hospital nowadays now is admitted to hospital examination and healthy check-up project.

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