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Be pregnant to control pregnant woman to 4 months people can experience fetal move inside the mother’s body, the most apparent featureSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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It is quickeningForum of Shanghai noble baby

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, occasionally pregnant woman discovers the or so both sides when quickening is moved at the same time, is this pattern regular? Appear this kind of phenomenon is very normal, because fetal inside the mother’s body when hands or feet is moving, possible still him meeting face about, so pregnant woman people need not use case of too afraid quickening.

 The or so both sides when quickening is moved at the same time

One, quickening it is normal that in abdomen two sides are moved at the same time

Quickening it is normal that in abdomen two side are moved at the same time, be at ease please, the hands or feet that is darling probably is being moved, still some of mom can feel darling is swimming, turn over wait a circumstance a moment.

Fetal rise to be able to begin campaign namely from the 8th week about, right now rachis also begins to have subtle petty action. Return in the quickening mother of this moment cannot examine knows, chase after rise from 16 weeks of ends, the limb of complete development can begin active campaign, normally the mother can feel quickening in this moment, but some people still may not know this is what feeling. The movement such as fetal cuff and kick, face about, can feel not only get also can looking getting.

As fetal grow gradually, quickening at 2Fall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

Sh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum
8 reach 32 weeks most showing. From 32 Zhou Zhi hind, fetal the space that occupies an uterus gradually, its move to be restricted apparently. Although getLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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Limitation, fetal still can give out emphatic biff now and then. Bump when the muscle of pelvic bottom when fetal head, you can feel suddenly by heavy biff. Change the position and mood reaction are fetal besides reach to take exercise coordinate the muscle in growing and outside motion, still can produce quickening phenomenon because of other reason. For example, fetal likelihood is alternating pose, or because your sitting position or station appearance make her,feel unwell and move. Perhaps she just wants to change a position in order to go to the lavatory oneself happy absorb finger.

 The or so both sides when quickening is moved at the same time

2, quickening frequency how many normal

Quickening frequency how many, wait speed, by force infirmly, often can forecast fetal the safety circumstance in the uterus. Quickening states placental function is good normally, carry fetal oxygen enough, fetal development is perfect, little life is living happily. Like 12 hours inside, quickening is little at 20, or inside 1 hour, quickening is less than 3 times, often express fetal have anoxic likelihood, pregnant mom cannot treat sth lightly.

Quickening is general horary 3 ~ 5, the quickening inside 12 hours is 30 ~ 40 times about. Below normal circumstance, quickening of one day and night reachs a frequency by force to have constant change infirmly, a day in with morning frequency little, afternoon after 6 o’clock grow in quantity, in the evening 8 ~ quickening is most active at 11 o’clock. This that is to say is fetal the Morpheus law that has oneself, those who say for fetal biological clock.

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Of quickening lose by force and frequency, individual difference is very big. Some amounts to above 12 hours 100 times, some has 30 ~ 40 times only. But want quickening to have the law only, have rhythm, metabolic curve is not big, explain fetal development is normal.

 The or so both sides when quickening is moved at the same time

Proposal pregnant mom is in gravid 28 weeks begin to come about to give birth, want to undertake monitoring is recorded having regular quickening. Best time program is every sky midday 8 ~ at 9 o’clock, afternoon 1 ~ at 2 o’clock, in the evening 8 ~ at 9 o’clock, each computation quickening 1, count a hour every time, 3 times computation addition is multiplied with 4, it is quickening number of 12 hours.

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