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The baby is hypodermic hemangioma is a kind of benign tumor, the complex form hyperplasia that is hemal organization commonly forms, to hemangioma of infantile leather shoes, also be to have certain harm actually, harm infantile cranial nerve for instance, bring about haemorrhage overmuch. The groovy examination to the baby also is have and multinomial, parents should abide by the regulation of the examination to undertake checking, such ability are seasonable1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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the body.

 The baby is hypodermic hemangioma

Children is hypodermic hemangioma is a kind of fine that happens at hemal organizationShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Tumor, form by the complex form hyperplasia of hemal organization. Hypodermic hemangioma meets the head the cranial nerve of enroach on baby, because nerve is hemal rich, cut haemorrhage is much, injure nerve easily, cause the sequela; limb such as face paralysis hypodermic hemangioma can encroach nerve of little patient depth, affect normal organ function, encroach skeleton even, oppressive nerve. Harm of hemangioma of children subcutaneous tissue is the greatest, treat should seasonable discovery, in time, in case pathological changes.

 The baby is hypodermic hemangioma

Fungous hypodermic hemangioma: The skin color with be born to discover affected part is before long normal or much palier purple (slant more cyan) , much more qualitative soft, feel local temperature to did not resemble the jumpy feeling of pulse not high, can differ as circumstance of affected part hyperaemia expressional measurement is different, be in e.g. affected part facial ministry, when lower one’s head affected part can have increase apparently, the meeting after looking up reduces such circumstance somewhat.

Tendril shape is hypodermic hemangioma: It is more affected part discovers after be born, tumour body is largish, color is deep, slant amaranth1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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, local temperature on the high side, feel with the hand have the jumpy feeling that resembles pulse, do video learn to check colour to exceed can describe so, “Period inside the blood stream signal that is full of red blue alternate with, give priority to with spectrum of signal of arterial blood stream, blood stream speed is differ.

 The baby is hypodermic hemangioma

Lymphatic skinShanghai noble baby communicates an area

Forum of Shanghai noble baby
Issue hemangioma: A kind of hemangioma that deformation of primitive lymphatic development causes, with fungous baby hemangioma clinical show is similar, body watch is bad and divisional, need does colour to exceed examination ability to be distinguished clearLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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Hunan, the position that common lymphatic hemangioma produces more is the place of groin of glossal ministry, lip, alar, femoral root, place such as crus, specific still is to want to be in order to check a report accurate.

Between flesh hypodermic hemangioma: Belong to a fungous kind, it is to grow a kind of hemangioma between muscle and muscle, happen on teenage grown perhaps person more (the child does not do not have) certainly, look not to come out commonly, it is in development period tumour body appears more increase, normal organization is caused all round extruding painful be fond of an examination to just know. Video learning to check is strip shape existence more.

We need the issue of correct look upon hemangioma, do not hurt the chance of the body to the disease, do not give oneself the time that health causes a trouble to the disease.

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